Holter/ Loop Monitoring


We utilize state of the art monitors for Event/Holter monitoring services. As is the standard policy at the Windsor Heart Institute, urgent tests will be reported within 24-72 hours of the monitor being returned.

Why Is This Test Performed?

  • • This device records the electrical activity of your heart for a specified period of time in order to detect an abnormal heart rhythm.
  • • Evaluate your symptoms and correlate with rhythm changes
  • • Monitor pacemaker or defibrillator activity
  • • Assess if your medications are controlling your symptoms or abnormal heart rhythm.

For the Test:

A holter monitor is a small, portable digital recorder that has five lead wires that attach to your chest with disposable skin sensors (electrodes). Dependent on the cardiologist’s request, the device is worn between a 24-hour and 14-day period.

This test is performed to record the electrical activity of the heart over a period of time while normal everyday routine is carried out. A continuous recording of your every heart beat will be captured.

An event button may be used for symptom recording.

You will be instructed on how to remove the device prior to a shower or bath. New electrodes, instructions, and a diagram will be given to you on how to correctly place the monitor back on.

**Please note that due to certain extenuating circumstances and demand, walk-in services may not always be immediately available and on occasion will be subject to next availability.