What if I need to cancel my appointment?

Appointment Policy: If you need to cancel your appointment please be sure to call the office at least 24 hours in advance to your scheduled appointment.

Do I book an appointment if I need a prescription refilled?

Prescription refills are typically done through your family physician.

What if I am having heart-related issues and my doctor isn’t in clinic?

If you are unable to get an appointment and need immediate medical attention, please visit the hospital. Be sure to notify the office so your cardiologist can follow up with you at a later date.

What do I need to know prior to my stress test?

You need to bring a current list of your medications, comfortable clothes and running shoes, you may be asked to hold some medications prior to your testing date. For a more detailed list please see Services > Stress Echocardiograms. If you are unable to walk on a treadmill, call the office – this may not be the best suited test for your diagnostic needs and we can help to provide you with a better option.

What if I am unable to walk on the treadmill?

Please contact the office and they will notify the Cardiologist and make changes to your appointment if necessary

What if I forgot to stop my medication?

Notify the technician doing your test, and they will inform the Cardiologist

How long does it take for me Consultation/ Testing to be booked?

You should receive a phone call within a week notifying you of your appointment(s). If you do not receive a phone call please contact the office immediately.

What if I am allergic to the electrodes?

Notify the technician. They will provide hypoallergenic stickers electrodes

What if am currently wearing a Holter Monitor and I am having an allergic reaction?

Feel free to stop in the office to pick up hypoallergenic electrodes.