This test is done to assess the electrical activity of the heart at one single point in time.

Why Is It Done?

- Can detect whether there may be any abnormal rhythms associated with heart disease.

- Check the electrical activity of the heart

- Find the causes of symptoms (shortness of breath, dizziness, fainting)

- Check how well medications are working

How To Prepare:

Do not rub any creams or lotions on your chest prior to appointment

During an EKG/ECG:

  • • You will lie on an exam bed.
  • • Several electrodes/stickers are attached to the skin, wires are connected to these, which then produces heart activity on the computer screen.
  • • You will be asked to lie still and relax while a quick picture is taken (approx. 10 seconds).

Time: approximately 15 minutes

**Please note that due to certain extenuating circumstances and demand, walk-in services may not always be immediately available and on occasion will be subject to next availability.