Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring


The Windsor Heart Institute offers ambulatory blood pressure monitoring services, where blood pressure is measured every 30 minutes for a 24-hour continuous period of wear.

Your blood pressure will be taken automatically at the programmed time intervals. Every 30 minutes during the day (7 am – 10 pm) and every hour during sleep (10 pm – 7 am).

*This is a non OHIP-covered service and requires a fee of $25 (which may be covered by the patients’ insurance provider).

During The Test:

  • • You will not shower while wearing this monitor.
  • • Be sure to wear comfortable clothing.
  • • Results will be saved automatically.
  • • Hold arm in a relaxed position when the monitor is recording.
  • • If the cuff slips, reattach to the left arm.
  • • The recorder must be kept dry-no showering, bathing, or swimming while wearing the recorder.
  • • Carry out normal daily activities to produce the most accurate readings.

Why is this test performed?

  • • Determine high blood pressure, outside of the clinic (“white coat syndrome”).
  • • Evaluate effectiveness of blood pressure medications throughout the day.


**Please note that due to certain extenuating circumstances and demand, walk-in services may not always be immediately available and on occasion will be subject to next availability.